2021: Year in Review

As 2021 winds to a close, it’s time to reflect on the year. It was an exceptional year, so much has changed. Lots of interesting stuff happened. Let’s dig in.

My failures of 2021:

  • Failed in some job interviews.
  • Missed (had to let go because of the unavoidable situation) some high-paid job opportunities.
  • Failed to keep on blogging.
  • Missed to participate in 30 Days Google Cloud Challenge.

My wins of 2021:

  • In January, mentored some students.
  • In February, I Graduated👩‍🎓(Class of 2020 but late due to Covid-19).
  • Got selected as an Internshala Student Partner. During this program, I promoted Internshala & its product, helped several students in learning new skills, and motivated them to find their dream internship.
  • Started pursuing an MCA(Master of Computer Applications) from JECRC University.
  • In March, I created a Cool & Creative Dev Space Discord Community (currently 45+ members) but still, I need to set it up in the right way.
  • In April, participated in CNC 2021 Challenge & successfully completed it. Won some cool Dev stickers as a swag.
  • In May, started working as Freelance Graphic Designer. Thanks to Ambika’s Daily Design Challenge WhatsApp Group.
  • In June, got a Multimedia RGB Gaming Keyboard as a gift from Ankur Warikoo Sir. For me, it’s a pre-birthday gift as my birthday is in July.
  • In July, got an internship as a Software Engineer at Shiv Guru IT Solutions. Started working in August. It is a remote position working with a dope team.
  • In, September I was busy preparing & writing the master’s assignments and exams.
  • In October, participated in MLH Local Hack Day for the 1st time and learned a lot. I was in the top 6% of all hackers.
  • This year I also participated for the 1st time in HackThisFall. Got to learn so many things from awesome speakers and mentors, got a chance to interact with them. Explored some new tech stuff. Overall it was a great experience.
  • During the HTF, I won the Youtube Live Session Swag giveaway(Yet to come). Looking forward to HTF 3.0.
  • Luckily I won the @Hacker T-shirt in a giveaway by The @ Company. Thanks to Siddharth Dayalwal.
  • Participated in Hacktoberfest 2021.
  • Participated in the Instagram giveaway by Meme Coding & Sawo Labo and guess what I won SAWO Labs goodies(Yet to come).
  • In November, got a chance to meet in person with my HR, she is very kind and supportive. She also brings chocolates from the U.S for me.
  • Won a cool Pluralsight Tripper Backpack during MS Ignite.
  • Got a cool T-shirt from Veeam Software. Thanks to Praveen Kumar Purushothaman.
  • Bought a new phone for my brother.
  • In December, learned how to create the Instagram filter using SparkAR Studio. Created 2 filters. BluePinkNeonLight Filter got 1.2K impressions.
  • Meet school/college friends after a long time.
  • My Linkedin connection has grown to 500+.
  • Crossed 200+ followers on Twitter, 1.1k followers on Instagram, 50+ followers on Github.

Quote of the day

“Your capacity to say ‘No’ determines your capacity to say ‘Yes’ to greater things.” ~ E. Stanley Jones

Lesson I learned

  • Explore -> Learn -> Win
  • The best gift you can give yourself is knowledge
  • Take care of your health & well-being
  • Surround yourself with people who make you better
  • Step out of your comfort zone
  • Support others genuinely
  • Life = Ups + Down

I just want to say thanks to the tech community for all your support. You're all great.💜💖

See you all in 2022.

I’m excited about what 2022 will bring for me💯💯✨✨
Bye-Bye 2021




Software Engineer at Shiv Guru IT Solutions, specialising in Java

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Anushka Raj

Anushka Raj

Software Engineer at Shiv Guru IT Solutions, specialising in Java

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